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Television on wall with Samahoma logo on the screen


We prefer to only talk about our projects when they pass the development point of no return and are bound to happen in some form. Of these the following may be of interest to possible collaborators 


‘Triffidsday’ – a collaboration with multi-award winning, multi-instrumentalist composer Oliver Wakeman to create an original world-touring stage-show inspired by classic novel ‘Day of the Triffids’ combining the raw power of an original rock music score with the latest immersive theatre technology, executed by an experienced team and aimed at large well defined international audiences


‘Empress Games’ – a vertically integrated Esports business based around a series of female skewing Valorant tournaments and associated TV and online extensions

‘Malls 2.0’ – a project to bring new use to dead/unrentable units in shopping malls by transforming them into reusable multimedia entertainment venues, mixing live and pre-recorded content / performance with immersive theatre techniques / VR / AR etc


‘Paper Dolls’ – an 8x1hrs, 4 season story arc TV crime drama for worldwide market distribution

‘Gloss’ – a 10-30min, 3 season story arc dark Comedy series centred on the life of 2 warring brothers forced to live out their dying mother’s Bucket list


‘Tea Leaves’ – A Halal meat shop owner, a Russian spin bowler, 2 80's East End gangsters, a damsel in distress, a local match fixer, a crackhead, a rat, a getaway driver, 5 dickhead 24 year old’s, a psycho MMA instructor and a psychic…walk into a pub. An East End Shakespearian Tragedy ensues


Triffidsday has a NFT Collection in development to accompany its launch. Additional collections in development will support a TV Game Show and a natural history documentary feature

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