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Covid-19 has transformed media sector consumption and investment opportunities. Music industry rules have been rewritten too, shifting revenues away from music majors towards tech companies and from Artistes who release periodically to rewarding those who continuously engage with their audiences. Computer Gaming, VR, ESport and Immersive Live Event experiences have seen major growth too – expanding and cannibalising otherwise stable media sector revenue streams

This turmoil and growth creates opportunities for SAMAHOMA to wrest profitability from relatively inexpensive, quick to market, independent projects, closely targeted at specific audiences, created by teams unburdened by legacy infrastructure and working practices


SAMAHOMA Founder Bob Clarke, has twice before pioneered on the media landscape and is now inspired by the long term, ‘opt in’, community building potential of Web3.0, NFT Collections and the Metaverse. SAMAHOMA now has a strong NFT component as part of the launch strategy for some of our owned Entertainment IP and we look forward to leveraging the utility, connectivity and heightened audience engagement which NFTs make possible


In exceptional circumstances, SAMAHOMA will put our experience and network behind an individual Talent with a unique and timely IP, to provide a complete, 360 degree business management solution, leaving the Talent free to evolve their creativity with their, and  SAMAHOMA’s, commercial agendas transparent and wholly aligned


Post Virus, future success will belong to businesses which bring new products and services to life fast in employees and customers’ minds…while giving those employees the freedom to be fearless, to innovate, and ‘be the Brand’ with more autonomy than ever. Those businesses will be more distributed and cellular than before, more locally autonomous, and their scale will be measured by the breadth and depth of their collective corporate imagination and how well they wield it, not how much office space they occupy


Technology will play the usual pivotal role in these upheavals but this time around it will be that which business leaders’ kids, younger employees, and customers often understand better than they do, because it already forms part of their digital-native social interaction and entertainment landscape. With our past proven ability to leverage the power of B2C communications in the service of B2B agendas and current role at the leading edge of W3.0, SAMAHOMA is already actively repurposing its current content and platform learning to meet these new business needs

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